Ultimate Traffic Boost Review 2021

Ultimate Traffic Boost Review

Ultimate Traffic Boost Review 2021

On this ultimate traffic boost review, I found that ultimate traffic boost is a revolutionary app that is focused on driving web traffic for you. This software is an app that automatically makes a list of emails for you by using ‘lead magnets’. We found out that during our Ultimate traffic boost review, it uses real buyer traffic as the lead magnet.

What is Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a marketing strategy where marketers offer an incentive in return for contact information, especially the potential buyer’s email address. Lead magnets vary according to the interests of the buyer and the type of product being purchased. For example, you may offer downloadable content, training videos, small ebooks, or PDF documents as a lead magnet.

Ultimate Traffic Boost Review

Ultimate traffic boost has a very clever strategy to bring traffic to everyone involved. Ultimate traffic boost uses traffic packages as the lead magnet. You can also offer traffic video courses as giveaways.

How does it work?

Let’s start our Ultimate Traffic Boost Review by looking at different modes of working it offers.

Ultimate traffic boost app is simple to use, which everyone can use right away without technical skills. To start using this app, you will follow these simple steps.

• Create a campaign and offer real traffic as a lead magnet for email address acquisition.

• Registration adds a free 500 traffic package to your account.

• Once you create an affiliate ID, you can sell awesome products that have a great chance to convert. These products are focused on generating traffic and widening the consumer base.

• Ultimate traffic boost comes with a built-in referral system. So, all you have to do is, enter your affiliate ID in the built-in referral pages and start promoting your page to earn.

Here is the complete step-by-step system for you as users.

• Your sign up for the pro version.

• To become an affiliate, your user adds the affiliate link.

• If you sign up to ten more customers, it allows you to unlock the rewards system and start getting paid.

• Or, if you do not sign up enough customers but start building email lists.

• Still, every referral leads to rewards for the customer because the affiliate ID is added to the link.

Benefits I Found During My Ultimate Traffic Boost Review.

Ultimate Traffic Boost Review

During the Ultimate Traffic Boost Review, I found out that there are various opportunities to use this app for personal use and referrals. We will highlight our favorite aspects of this software.

• User-friendly operation is one of the main attractive features of Ultimate Traffic Boost. It is as easy as filling a small form, and once you do it, you have a referral page ready. You can start promoting this page right away to boost traffic and earn a commission.

• You are constantly making a subscriber list while getting the traffic. This is made possible by using a traffic boost as an incentive.

• Ultimate traffic boost offers over 50 Done for you lead campaigns. You need no technical skill to make 50% instant commissions selling these campaigns.

• Also, earn over 200 bonuses and high-converting funnels of best-selling products.

• You can also earn a 50% commission by selling traffic Packs of 2.5k, 5k,10k visitors.

Features Of Ultimate Traffic Boost

Ultimate traffic boost is a feature-rich app that has all kinds of incentives for traffic boosting activities. It supports both novices and professionals with easy to use tools with guaranteed results.

• Ultimate traffic boost has 12 in-built video courses about traffic boosting. These videos present an opportunity for learning to earn with tools. For me, it sounds like signing up for a paid internship. Can it get better than this?

• It has a done for you bonus builder too. You will use this tool to offer customized and personalized bonuses to your customers. So basically every affiliate can offer unique bonuses.

• A done for you lead builder is also included, and people giving their Ultimate Traffic Boost Review are impressed by this aspect a lot. Done for you means it works like a wizard, you enter the details, and the rest of the work is done by the software itself.


When you sign up initially, you register for the basic setup. However, this basic setup is also a feature-rich package with a list building system, full referral system, free traffic, DFY bonus builder and lead builder, etc. However, Ultimate Traffic Boost also offers different upgrade packages that add more offers to your package. Here are the details of upgrades we are describing as part of our detailed Ultimate Traffic Boost Review.

Upgrade 1: Cash Accelerator

This upgrade allows the buyer to offer all six modules:

1. Cash boost

2. Bonus boost

3. Lead boost

4. Traffic package 1

5. Traffic boost 2

6. Traffic package 3

This upgrade means they can offer these modules at the discounted rate of $147, which decreases the fee of the six packages by $300.

Apart from the cash discounts, they get access to the free tools too. Additionally, they can add this tool section to their affiliate page too to add extra value. These free and paid tools also earn a commission for the user when people buy these tools using this affiliate link.

As a bonus for purchasing this, they will receive a free 2500 traffic package added to their account.

Upgrade 2: High Ticket Boost [$97]

High ticket upgrade allows users to resell so any of their leads who unlock the high ticket boost; this results in $1000. A full follow up system is also built-in into this high ticket boost upgrade.

Another big advantage of High Ticket Boost is coaching from the inventors of the products on the purchase. As a bonus for purchasing this user will receive a free 5000 traffic package added to their user account.

Upgrade 3: Infinite Income 247 [$297]

Infinite income gives added advantage of API integrations, full referral system, full tracking system, tutorials, tools and much more. They will also get all the tools unlocked for their personal use.

This upgrade means signing up for the complete system of Ultimate Traffic Boost. You will get access to the exclusive traffic boost along with a new app included in it. You can access the traffic toolbox app so that they can give away a traffic tool to build their list. This upgrade means users can offer a complete solution and three upgrades that can be unlocked by anyone they refer to their system and get paid on.

Infinite income gives guaranteed approval to resell both the product and all the tools included. Also, their ads, banners, bonus and they will take part in lead and cash competitions. Infinite income means a wide base opportunity for earning is available to everyone signing up for this upgrade.

Ultimate Traffic Boost have stated many success stories where people have earned a great income using the referral systems. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to learn and earn simultaneously.

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