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Trafficly Review

As you’ll see on this Trafficly Review, Trafficly is an innovative automated solution for driving traffic to your website simply with no technical input from your side. It specifically targets website traffic from over fifty social media platforms.

Though many tools are claiming to uplift your website traffic, however, Trafficly has sound groundbreaking technology in its foundation to give you a solid noticeable web presence.

Why is Traffic Boost from Social Media Important?

Estimates show that social media is way ahead of traditional media in generating traffic leads for eCommerce and affiliate marketing. This traffic later converts into customers that generate sales for the company. Traffic generation through social media depends on increasing the visibility of your social media posts, engaging the audiences, and generating leads through constant digital engagement.

What Does Trafficly Offer?

Trafficly is not only a traffic generating tool but also facilitates custom visual and design content creation along with training videos and software guides. Trafficly claims to have the following features:


  • Drives unlimited targeted traffic to your website.
  • Advance link shortener
  • Image editor to create engaging content for Pinterest
  • Works on over 50 social media networks.
  • One central dashboard to monitor all the activity.
  • No technical or marketing skills are needed.
  • It allows you to use the best content from around the web to boost traffic to your site.
  • One time payment
  • Complete video training

My Experience with Trafficly:

I work in social marketing, and for me, traffic is the lifeline of my projects. It is like more traffic means more money for my projects. In recent years, the fastest and convertible visitor flow comes from social media. People rely on social media reviews and thus search for stuff there thus making it the starting point of any advertising campaign.

I have been working on top-notch social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. However, there is a limit to manual efforts therefore, I have been looking for a tool that can automate my social media lead generation activities. I used many tools and platforms and unfortunately, every one of them missed one crucial feature or another. One thing I noticed in all the tools I tried was that they focused on one dimension of traffic. They usually used bots to increase the number of clicks and visitors to the site with less attention to engage real users.

Now, as part of my Trafficly Review, I am using Trafficly to see how well it fares to boost my social media traffic generation and is working great.

The Good?

1.  Trafficly is simple Sign-up Process and one-time payment. Most of the tools I have seen in the market charge a monthly fee which can become an overhead rather quickly.  Trafficly charges an upfront price and then you can use this software with no additional cost. This upfront price is very affordable for now as they are in their budding phase and I bet they will increase it once they catch the momentum on sales.

2. Image Editor, Ahh A Sign of Relief for Me. Social media marketing depends a lot on the attention-grabbing media and graphics. I do not have a good hand with graphics so I usually had to hire a graphics person to work for my campaigns that added to the overhead cost. Otherwise, I usually ended up with passable graphics and worked more on my content to bridge the gap. Trafficly has a built-in graphics editor that is easy to use and requires no training. Now, I use this editor to create engaging media that helps me to boost organic traffic. More organic traffic in turns means more visitor to customer conversion for my eCommerce websites.

Apart from the image editor, Trafficly also gives access to a ton of stock images related to my content. So another cutdown on the number of tools I had to use. Image search was available right there, no need to search for media separately.

3. URL Shortner drops another to-do from my list. During my Trafficly Review, I love how Trafficy has created a full package for social media traffic generation. I have dropped several third-party tools from my list as I can achieve the same from one consolidated platform.

URL shorteners promote sharing and give more insight into tracking and compiling statistics. Trafficly has a built-in link shortener as well.

4. A one-stop access to all features. It is like looking at your website from all aspects in one view. I love visiting this dashboard as the performance of my website and campaigns is visible to me right away in a simple view. Also, I can perform the required tasks in one click to generate and customize the required type of web traffic. My experience tells me that this dashboard saves a lot of time not only in performing the tasks but also in the analysis of reports and statistics.

5. Focus on User Engagement. If you ask me to pinpoint one feature that makes Trafficly stands out from the rest of the tools, it is its strong focus on user engagement. From image editor to content curation, Trafficly makes it a point to gain organic visitors and interaction to boost the brand identity and loyal customers.

6. Video training. The video provided by Trafficly gives a thorough walkthrough of features of Trafficly and a demo on how to use Trafficly to boost the social media traffic and to monitor the performance of your campaigns.

7. No manual work is required. Once I start using Trafficly, I started loving the automation and the ease of use. Never had I thought that I will engage and monitor over 50 social media networks for my blog. This is only possible through an automated tool that can track and boost all the best performing networks.

8. Keyword Search. Search Engine Optimizing has its foundation in keyword searching. I have always been using Google tools for keyword search and optimization of keywords but then now I have Trafficly, Wink Wink!! Another tool goes out of use because the feature is available right there in one dashboard.

9. Content discovery is another great task performed by Trafficly. Its artificial intelligence-enabled discovery engine collects data from millions of websites related to my niche thus saving me valuable time. It allows me to concentrate on the content that I am creating and making my campaigns more engaging and result oriented.

10. Saved me a lot of money. I could let go of paid ads and paid promotions because I could achieve the same results with my genie called Trafficly. Also, as the traffic for my blog increased, I could negotiate better affiliate deals and earn more money.

The Missing or the Bad?

Again, all is not gold with any tool, there is always room for improvement. Though Trafficly has fared very well so far and seems like a very beneficial tool, I have noticed some shortcomings.

Keyword discovery has some room for improvement. It needs to focus more on long tail keywords to bring more focused keyword suggestions.

Also, the image editor is easy to use but sometimes I had to do some editing in other high-end editors, for example, merging and fixing two images together.

I do not know if it is asking for too much or not but I could make use of a slideshow tool and a small video content making tool as well.

Trafficly Bonus

Trafficly game goes to a completely new level with Trafficly bonuses offered only for a very limited time. These extra features cover the complete website cycle including WordPress themes, Video tutorials and free premium Stock photos. Let us have a look at the great Trafficly bonus offers;

Trafficly Bonus #1: Social Media Earning, Step By Step Guide.

Trafficly Bonus #2: Marketing Cheat Sheet in Details Guide.

Trafficly Bonus #3: 80% Discount on ALL Upgrades.

Trafficly Bonus #4: Step By Step “From Scratch To Profit” Training.

Trafficly Bonus #5: Facebook VIP Community Membership


  • 100+ WordPress Licenses Premium Theme
  • Stock HD Premium Images
  • 24/7 Support
  • Mastermind Access

And, if you are convinced, you can avail 30-Day Money Back Guarantee too.

My Final Verdict!

Trafficly is my HG social media traffic generator and SEO tool from now on. Though, I had to go back to other powerful keyword discovery tools a few times but other than that, Trafficly has proved its merit in every other feature. I could let go of many third-party tools and paid ads as well.

No doubt, Trafficly is reasonably priced all in one tool for my blogs and eCommerce websites. I have yet to test it for my websites though.

If you want to Buy Trafficly Click here.

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