The Wholesale Formula Review And FREE Workshop

The Wholesale Formula Review And FREE Workshop


Amazon is a giant in the market. People are making enormous money out of this marketplace using different business models. However, it takes some expertise and knowledge to make it big on the Amazon platform. There are different paths to sell on Amazon. Today our topic is “The Wholesale Formula Review – FREE Amazon Workshop.”

This free Amazon workshop is unique in many aspects. Dylan and Dan, the force behind this workshop, started from scratch on Amazon with very little assets. So, they know what it takes to become a success story. The other reason is that this workshop is free. So, there is nothing to lose. The reviews from the wholesale formula students show that this workshop has the potential to change lives.

The Wholesale Formula Review – FREE Amazon Workshop.

Introduction of the trainers

The Wholesale Formula Review And FREE Workshop 2

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost are an enormous success story of Amazon’s wholesale formula. They both came from a humble background and started working on Amazon as a side hustle. But as luck would have it, they lost their jobs and were compelled to take it seriously. They started this business with a $600 limit credit card, which was all they had at that time.

As they focused on this business and studied more and more about the Amazon market’s wholesale formula, they started growing. Today, they have made over 25 million in sales.

Their success story is a motivational and inspirational dose for anyone who has the slightest doubt about the potential of entrepreneurship.

The Wholesale Formula Review – FREE Amazon Workshop: Who Should Attend This Workshop

I must mention as part of my review that this free Amazon workshop is not about bookish knowledge. This is a practical approach from the people with proven success in the field.

The distinguishing feature of this workshop is that the people delivering this workshop know exactly what they are dealing with. It is a pathway to building a real, working, scalable, and sustainable Amazon business.

This workshop answers all the frustrating questions of people stuck in their Amazon stores with no business. The questions may sound like this;

Arbitrage is not working for me. The products I am dealing with are not performing at all.

• Competition is so high, and all my promotions are going in vain.

• My Amazon store is stuck.

• I think my scale is too small to pose any competition to giants.

• How do you select the right products?

Attend To The FREE Workshop. Click Here.

The Wholesale Formula Review – FREE Amazon Workshop: What is the formula

The wholesale formula is about reverse sourcing and selling products on Amazon. The real difference, however, is the way they select products to do business.

The profitability of Amazon largely depends on the potential in the products you select. The wholesale formula has three stages.

• Scouting
Scouting is the first step, and here the training will show you how to select the products on Amazon that are fast-selling and profitable. The selection of these branded and successful products needs a systemic approach.

• Sourcing
The second step of the wholesale formula is to source your selected products from the companies. The companies can be very selective about the wholesalers. However, you can learn the techniques and the right procedure to approach the manufacturers impressively.

You can use many factors to give the best incentives to the manufacturers or authorized distributors.

You may want to offer value propositions, increased sales through PPC and SEO, listing optimization and deficiency, etc., proactive and vigilant customer service is another added benefit.

You also need to know how to get the best wholesale price and the highest profit margin from the manufacturer. This all is an art taught in the free training by Dylan and Dan.

• Selling
Selling is the final step where you will see the fruits of your hard work. You will list your products on Amazon and start fulfilling the orders.

As you have grown from scratch, slowly, you will start getting bigger. You can expand your portfolio in both the number of products and the scale of the business.

Some brands also have some requirements about high volume order or yearly order value commitment requirements. This wholesale formula workshop also covers this important aspect.

The Wholesale Formula Review – FREE Amazon Workshop: The Details of the Training


As we discuss the wholesale formula review – free Amazon workshop, here is the breakdown of the training.

• Module 1: Orientation

This module is about the basics of Amazon selling. It takes you from scratch to making an account on Amazon and introduces the reverse sourcing model of Amazon selling.

• Module 2: Product Analysis

Product analysis is the core of this reverse sourcing model. You have to use all the skills to select the best performing products. The better the product analysis, the better the potential of the business. This module gives you an overview of Buy Box’, sales rank, competition analyses, etc.

• Module 3: Scouting

Sourcing is a difficult part of the reverse sourcing model. You have to convince the manufacturers or the authorized distributors to source their best-performing products for your business. I have learned some key points in this training.

• Select the brands that are selective about new retailers and do not take new resellers easily.
• Selecting the brands with Minimum Advertised Price is also recommended.

• Module 4: Value Propositions

Add value to yourself and your brand. Once you are big enough, people will like to attach their products with your name. You can make a big presence by making a unique and functional website, working on PPC, SEO, optimized listings, etc.

• Module 5: Sourcing

After you have made an impressive presence, you can contact manufacturers and authorized distributors to source their products. Some companies have some prerequisites for the retailers too.

The wholesale formula training helped me to get through this step also. Some requirements were new for me. Some businesses wanted a sole proprietorship, EINs, taxation details, etc.

• Module 6: Growth

I loved how Dylan and Dan are passionate about the growth of their students. Since they grew from the ground to this skyrocketed success, they have a firm belief in growth. They motivate you and teach you the skills and temperament to scale your business to an 8-figure growth.

The Wholesale Formula Review – FREE Amazon Workshop: Bonuses

• As a bonus, you also get an exclusive membership of the Facebook group, TWF Alumni community with the wholesale formula workshop.

This Facebook group is your gateway to communicating with other sellers on Amazon and also the experts. I love the fact that there is a community where I can safely post my problems and receive appropriate answers.

• The other bonus of this wholesale formula workshop is a framework of required documents that you will need throughout your business’s lifecycle. Since starting a business can be a frustrating time, every little support matters.

This framework includes necessary spreadsheets, checklists, email templates to contact brand owners, etc.

• Since you are getting trained to trade on Amazon, this is an online business. Therefore, you will need some tools to automate your work on the online platforms, such as Seller Labs Pro, Jungle Scout, Tactical Arbitrage, etc. You get access to many tools with special discounts and free trials. These discounts add up to make a whopping $3,000 savings.

• As your business grows, you will start outsourcing the responsibilities. Here, you will need some virtual assistants to support you. The wholesale formula free workshop provides resources for virtual assistant launchpad, training, and hiring.

• Live webinars with Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost. You can ask questions and learn from the professionals themselves.

• Twelve hours of recorded webinars with FAQs and guidelines to understand course materials and videos easily.

• Lifetime free access to all future course updates.

• A free ticket for the exclusive TWFLive event for Wholesale Formula Students. This event is about coaching, training, and networking about Amazon’s business.


The Wholesale Formula Review – FREE Amazon Workshop: Get Paid for the Leads

This workshop is free to attend; however, the better becomes the best with the VIP ticket upgrades. You can earn by recommending this workshop to other people around you.

They are paying 100% affiliate commission on VIP ticket upgrades for every lead. A great opportunity to grab for sure!

Important Dates

The wholesale formula workshop is a golden opportunity, save the dates to make the best of this free workshop.

18th Feb: Cart Opens During Live Broadcast
25th Feb: Cart Closes

As I conclude, I must mention that you’ll love your newly earned freedom. You’ll no longer dependent on your 9-to-5 job. You’ll have a business that can sustain itself, and you have to spend very little time on this. You’ll run your Amazon business with automated tools.

Though nothing comes without hard work after the initial efforts, You’ll be satisfied with the self-paced business model you learned on this free workshop about the wholesale formula.

Take The FREE Workshop & Start Your Own Business.

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