Grow Viral Review And Bonus

Grow Viral Review

Grow Viral Review

Grow Viral is software for marketers who want to generate free traffic for their offers with a few clicks. Grow Viral review shows the success of this software to generate leads and sales. It is a combination of Sweepstakes, Unlockable Milestone Rewards, Competitive & interactive contests.

The Three Tools of Grow Viral

Grow Viral has its foundation of success on three tools. You can embed the viral campaigns made through this software on Opt-in Pages and welcome pages. In this Grow Viral review, let me show how these tools work.

• Grow Viral Sweepstake Form

Grow Viral Review Run Viral SweepStake Contests

Sweepstake contests have always been profitable for companies to make people buy their products for a chance or lottery or prizes. Grow Viral Sweepstake form uses the same concept to maximize the number of sharers and subscribers.

Sweepstake forms enroll subscribers and then motivates them to share your page in return for more entries in the Sweepstake. Grow Viral reviews show the potential of these forms as the number of subscribers and the overall awareness about products increased tremendously. It turned out into a chain effect as subscribers didn’t need any monetary investment to gain more chances to win.

• Unlockable Milestone Rewards

Grow Viral Review Milestone Reward CampaignsThis is another form of reward but again a very successful one. Most of the time, when you go shopping, you get a better price for purchasing more products. However, to create a viral effect for the products, Grow Viral uses unlockable rewards on sharing.

For example, if a user shares the company’s website many times, they can unlock rewards like Giveaway coupons, discounts, additional features, premium access or free training, etc.

Your users are marketing your product by themselves within their circles through indirect endorsement and recommendations. It is a mutual benefit system because both parties are gaining benefits.

• Competitive and Interactive Contests

Grow Viral Review Social Leaderboard ContestsThe desire to win competitions and having someone cheerleading you is natural. Grow Viral uses this innate desire to make viral campaigns. In these contests, the users not only gain rewards and incentives, but they are also cheered for their contribution to a leaderboard.

People love entering contests and winning them, anyway. Topping the winners’ list makes them feel like a part of an exclusive club. You can use different types of leaderboard rewards like points, titles, or badges. Facebook’s Top fan feature is an example of the power of leaderboard rewards.

Grow Viral Pros

• It is simple, and even novices with no technical background can use it. The simple form for setup is straightforward and straightforward.

• It is platform-independent. It works for WordPress, customized websites, etc.

• Thirty days money-back guarantee is also available.

• No recurring fees. You pay for the software once and can use it for a lifetime.

• Automated campaign management with supportive tools like customizable Email templates, future updates, analytical dashboard, etc.

• The users are not forced to share links on particular social media platforms. Grow Viral allows you to create a link that users will copy and paste in any sharing platform. This freedom has proved immensely successful, especially for people who use unconventional social media platforms for privacy.

Grow Viral Bonuses

As we have discussed in this Grow Viral review, this software uses users’ innate nature for rewards and recognition to generate free traffic for brands. So, how can we expect that they do not use this technique for their promotion?

Grow Viral offers an attractive package of bonuses on purchase. Here are the details of Grow Viral bonuses.

Grow Viral Bonus # 1:

Social Media Toolkit

The profitability of any campaign is measured on its conversion. If a campaign creates an attractive number of leads, but you cannot convert it into sales, then there is no investment point in such campaigns.

The social media toolkit consists of primary documents, toolkits, scripts, and strategy documents to convert leads into actual sales. It is an excellent opportunity for novices to polish their skills and know the secrets of the trade.

Grow Viral Bonus # 2:

White Label Rights to Social POP

This scarcity software allows you to convince the customer to buy your merchandise because it is in demand. You will increase Scarcity and Social Proof With Real-Time Updates like

• How many people are on the site?

• How many products are left?

• How many sales are being made?

• Autoresponders to capture customer’s attention.

• Popping up custom images and text.

Social POP makes your web page as attractive and as convincing as any big company without any technical input from you.

Grow Viral Bonus # 3:

White Label Rights to 50 Video Backgrounds

These video backgrounds give a professional look to your videos. The backgrounds include natural scenes and in house scenes. The plus point is that these video backgrounds are free of any restrictions so that you can use them for your business and your clients.

Grow Viral Bonus # 4:

Delicious Flat Icons

Add aesthetics to your website and campaigns using these customized icons. These icons add colors and a vibrant feel to your designs to attract customers.
Grow Viral Bonus # 5: 100 Call to Action Marketing Strategy
An excellent tool for beginners to increase conversions through this collection of Short call-to-action (CTA) Texts.

Grow Viral Bonus # 5:

Launch Checklist

Checklists are my favorite tools to ensure that every aspect of the events or even a small errand is covered. This launch checklist is a lifesaver in the frustrating times of product launch. I can see if all the tasks are done and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Grow Viral Bonus # 6:

WP Visitor Chat

As this Grow Viral review is based primarily on the customer experience, here is another widget to improve how customers interact with your business. A live chat feature allows you to convert a lead into a sale by promptly responding and convincing the customer to purchase.

Grow Viral Bonus # 7:

Marketing Graphics Toolkit

A comprehensive toolkit of PSDs, templates, headers, and 3D e-covers to create impressive pages and marketing documents.

Grow Viral is a fantastic software for marketers for lead generation. The beauty of this tool is that it also supports the conversion of leads into purchases. With an upfront fee and no monthly fee, this software is indeed a steal.

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