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Banrads Review

Before starting my BanrAds review, I would like to give you a little background in Banner Advertising and Animation Design Studios. Videos and animations have taken over the world literally by storm. No advertisement, campaign, website, or any other form of presentation is complete without animations. Studies show that in the 2020s, around 80% of the internet traffic will revolve around animations.

This increasing popularity of animations compels everyone to create them. However, this is not an easy task. The solution to this limitation is using an animation design studio.


  • BanrAds Review: My Take

Banrads Review 1BanrAds is an innovative banner design studio. Since I am not proficient in animation design and video making, the first I seek in a design studio is its ease of use. Can I use BanrAds with no technical skill and background? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Let me share my BanrAds review in terms of ease of use.

  • No Technical Background.

As I mentioned earlier, I do not have professional-level skills in animation design. However, I have found no problem in using BanrAds. I can create banners with still images and text. I have also used this software to create animated and clickable banners for my SEO promotions. I have enough practice and skill to call my graphics designer to create a banner for my website. I make custom banners according to my needs and use them confidently on my website.

Promoting my social media posts has gained a new height of effectiveness after using the BanrAds graphics design studio. I can create catchy graphics and videos that generate loads of free traffic for my websites. My SEO has gone so much better after using this studio.

  • Saves Time

BanrAds saves me time in over one way. I make attention-catching videos to market my stuff that generates more traffic to my website. Gone are the days when I had to write long written posts with keywords to market my page and products. I create videos of 20-30 seconds that grab the visitors’ Attention and send my message across.

  • Make Money

BanrAds is an excellent money-making solution. I make money with the promotion I make using this tool. Apart from that, I recommend this tool to many novices in the field. They can create animated and clickable ads and banners using this tool. This tool and its creativity can make killer graphics that have demand in the market. These pieces of e-Art can be sold and can also be used by the website developers to make their presence noteworthy.

  • Free Templates and Designs

BanrAds offers a tremendous variety of templates and designs to create your animations. This feature saves a lot of time and effort as I do not have to search for the required media. It makes my banner design task a single-window operation.

  • Export in Any Format

I can export my work in many formats, including PNG, HTML, JPG, PDF, GIF, and MP4. It is the feature I often need when I offer my motion graphics services to my clients. Every client may ask for a different format, and the feature of export makes it a lot in such cases.

BanrAds Review: The Bad?

It is a very efficient design studio; however, it has some limitations. We cannot compare it with Maya or any other full-fledged motion graphics studio. You can animate in predefined moves and modify the images to a limit.

  • BanrAds Bonuses

You can earn money through website design and motion graphics using BanrAds. Another great way to earn BanrAds is by using the great opportunity of BanrAds bonus and BanrAds upselling.

  • Buy BanrAds Discounts

BanrAds is offered on a fixed monthly payment; however, if you act fast, then you have an opportunity to grab the launching buy BanrAds discounts. You can get unlimited access to BanrAds to get this excellent design studio for a one-time payment. This buy BanrAds discount is a lifetime opportunity because you pay a fee that is less than the monthly fee, but you get access forever.

  • Banrads OTO’s

Features BanrAds OTO1 Ultimate:

  • Direct Embed Code for Websites
  • Direct sharing on Facebook & Twitter platforms
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Split Testing
  • Pixels
  • Magic Background Remover
  • 1700+ DFY Attention-grabbing Templates in different niches is Live.
  • Premium Instant Live Chat Support
  • In-depth analysis of traffic generated by embedded banners – Views, Clicks, CTR, Referral source

Features BanrAds OTO2 Push:

  • Module for direct Google & Facebook ads management.
  • Create a post from inside the App with the animated Image/ banner, which can be shared directly on the FB page.
  • The post can then be boosted or used to create FB ads and Google Ads from inside the software.
  • Also, Users can Auto Boost to FB and Google Ads, with some selected criteria/rules.
  • User will be able to edit ads or set to (Draft, Live, pause, publish)

Features BanrAds OTO3 Agency Kit:

  • Prospecting email swipes
  • DFY Client Getting Website
  • DFY Client Contract Template
  • DFY Client Invoice Template
  • DFY Social Media Marketing Suite
  • Full Media branding Kit–logos, mockups, etc
  • PowerPoint Expert Closer Webinar Slides
  • Exclusive Video Marketing Training

Features BanrAds OTO4 Whitelabel:

  • 50 – Unlimited Licenses
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Whitelabel Admin Panel

BanrAds design studio is a complete suite for making animations and videos for SEO, web page design, social media posts, and various other reasons. You can use the inbuilt images, animation designs, fonts, special effects, and templates to make designs from scratch. It may sound like a very complicated solution, but it is not. Our BanrAds review discussed that you could accomplish all this with zero technical knowledge, which is excellent.

I would encourage people to grow in their field and earn money with BanrAds bonuses and BanrAds discounts. You can also use this to add a new skill to your freelancing profile. A great deal nonetheless!

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