10xSocial review 2021

10xSocial review

10xSocial review

What is 10xSocial?

10xSocial is a messaging app involving multimedia messaging including audio and visual messages, SMS, and emails. This app is a complete package of all media involved in the messaging.

With multimedia messaging, 10xSocial also helps to lift up your business up to 10 times your actual leads. As 10xSocial improves your business leads, it ultimately grows your business 10 times faster.

This app does not go across niches and with appropriate traffic, it helps boost the sales in a business. However, if a business lacks traffic, 10xSocial helps it to generate traffic as well.
If anyone intends to run an online business, 10xSocial proves to be a quite beneficial app in generating a handsome passive income.

As far as getting this 10xSocial is concerned, you can easily purchase this app at a fairly low price and run your long-term business with a small amount with 10xSocial.

This app is equally beneficial for product launch, affiliate marketing, or other online businesses.

Every entrepreneur intending to build his own list of targeted customers can exploit this perfect software. With 10xSocial, you can also warm up your leads through schedule messages as well as setting an autoresponder.

In this 10xSocial review, we have combined all the necessary information about this amazing software. Keep reading to get the most of the knowledge about the product.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is all about using social media platforms to build your brand from the scratch, drive traffic to the website, and increase sales. This includes engaging and listening to your customers, publishing quality content, analyzing the results, and running advertisements through social media to get maximum customer exposure.

Right now we are living in an era where social media marketing is an important component of growing the business up to the highest levels. Using social media marketing in your business can lift the business by generating leads that come from the exposure of your business to potential customers.

With maximum exposure to potential clients or customers, your business gets maximum leads and sales. In this way, social media marketing helps to grow business at a much higher rate than physical ones.

A wide range of social media management tools are available to help your business get the most sales out of the social media platforms.

Some information about 10xSocial:

Numerous social media platforms can lift up your business by generating leads and boosting sales through exposure to customers, however, here is another social media messaging app, 10xSocial, that involves various messaging media like SMS, emails, audio-visual messages.

10xSocial is software that can help you achieve great success for your business. It links you with your potential customers and helps to generate leads for your online business.

Here we are sharing brief information about 10xSocial software. Keep reading to know the best features and uses of this app.

Main features of 10xSocial:

With the following features, 10xSocial makes the best social media messaging app that helps grow your business in dramatic ways. The video, audio, images, carousel, and survey messages can be used with 10xSocial in ways explained below.

• Send/schedule follow-up emails

• Send/schedule follow-up SMS

• Text-to-speech voice-over in any language of your choice

• Post composer to build the strongest Facebook list and a traffic-boosting post

• Highly interactive content to comment the guards-react to your fan page comments. This content helps to build a potential customers’ list quite quickly.

• 10xSocial makes it easy for customers, prospects, or guests to start a conversation about your business with you directly on the website.

• This tool comes with personal avatars; a robot or a human agent can back up the persona inserted into a thread.

• Chatbot AI-responds of 10xSocial helps to conversate with the contacts who send messages through emails or chat on your phone.

• Easily connects with all major autoresponders

• Seamless integration with a single click with SMS providers

Where can you use 10xSocial?

You can use 10xSocial for various marketing and messaging tasks. The best use of this software includes:

• Affiliate marketing

• Coaching

• Course creation

• Digital marketing

• Entrepreneurship

• Local marketing

An additional feature of 10xSocial:


• 10xSocial comes with a post finder that can check for thousands of hidden videos related to your niche.

• The tags functioning of 10xSocial targets and segment all the subscribers automatically.

• It embeds the posts on the blogs, business pages, and websites and enhances the scope of the post.

10xSocial interface:

10xSocial review 2

As you log in to the 10xSocial software, you can see the dashboard at the upper left. On the further left, there are a few tabs that make up the menu consisting of a broadcaster, carousel objects, composer, dashboard, and post finder. Clicking on each tab opens their functions.

The upper ribbon consists of a settings tab which shows a drop-down menu on clicking. Here you can choose to set up an email SMTP or an SMS API.

Next to settings is the text-to-speech button. Once you open each tab, you can provide all the necessary information and choose the type of voice, gender, and language you want to use. It has more than 40 languages and more than 20 different voice styles.

The data tab for the subscribers is also included in 10xSocial. Here you can get to know the name, location, as well as gender of your subscribers. You also get a delete button so you can easily get rid of excessive or non-productive leads.

A chat widget is also included in the app to start a conversation with customers, send email messages, advertising, and even sharing offline fliers. This role of 10xSocial is the most crucial one when you intend to extend or rearrange the target markets.

The socigrow is used to utilize the post finder to find and import posts from Facebook business pages. The broadcaster tool of the software shows all the stats including messages preview of those attached to the particular broadcast.

Pros and cons of 10xSocial:

With every product are associated several pros and cons. In this 10xSocial review, we are going to mention those as well.

Pros of 10xSocial:

• Scheduled follow-up SMS on Messenger with just a single click

• The software ensures you never lose on social media marketing with Facebook.

• A full Autopilot option allows businesses to create surveys and run effectively.

• Converts messages from all languages.

• It builds a powerful list of potential Facebook customers while creating traffic posts at the same time.

Cons of 10xSocial:


• Some more measurements and details of the framework must have been introduced by the software developers.

• It must be more advantageous for SEO by conducting an SEO audit since SEO has a quite high effect on generating higher investment returns and conducting digital marketing campaigns.

• WhatsApp is not included in 10xSocial, however, there is a transcription feature. It only includes Facebook, although, Whatsapp is the most common text platform used by people.


10xSocial is a whole new messaging and marketing app that uses various messaging media to interact with the population and generate leads for your business. With these increased leads, 10xSocial can help you lift up the business and maximize sales.

It is a useful app for business-owners as well as freelancers to boost and generate leads to their eCommerce store or website and to attract more traffic.

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